quest game

Practically all people like to play, regardless of their age or gender. This is why there exist so many different games: board games, dynamic games, computer games, games from the box etc.

Here you have a unique opportunity to write your own quest story! You can choose to be a screewriter, a director or a player - your possibilities are virtually limitless! Both our platform and our know-how allow you to easily implement your ideas.

business challenges

Our goal was to build a system that would allow anyone to create a vast range of games using different kinds of content like sound, video, images, geo-data etc. and to elaborate a specific set of rules for each game. At the same time our customer needed a flexible system of monetization to cover corporate, individual and charity clients.

value delivered

We have delivered a tool that is tailored for our customer's needs. The platform allows you to develop an exciting game for any occasion including questions, different tasks and puzzles. The tasks may include not only texts, but also pictures or photos, audio and video files, maps etc. A quest can be played by a single player or by several hundred people / teams at the same time. If multiple teams are playing at the same time, the quest can be executed in the form of a competition. Winners can be determined according to several criteria such as elapsed time, number of attempts, or other indicators.


We used Django framework to harness its built-in administrative UI to save our customer’s time and money. The service is integrated with different kinds of payment systems, social networks and other APIs.

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