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Drug outcome prediction is one of the biggest challenges in Big Data world. With various technologies used to collect and store data and even more different storage formats it is essential to have a unified tool that will allow medical specialists to do their research with minimal knowledge of underlying technology.

business challenges

We were approached by a customer who wanted to build a GUI that will allow its users to build complex queries to OMOP Common Database Model (CDM) using quite simple Web-based interface that should be also capable of showing the results of built queries giving user an insight of what data was done under the hood.

value delivered

We worked in collaboration with some medical experts to build a user experience which will match the needs of researchers as close as possible. The tool we created is capable of working with several CDM versions and various storage technologies. We were able to reproduce most famous discoveries in drug outcome prediction using our simple GUI.


The core of our application is SQL builder which should support quite complex queries and various platforms. So for the base technology we’ve chosen Python and SQL-Alchemy framework famous for its strong database abstraction layer. This core was then integrated into a quite simple Web application developed using Django framework.

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