language proficiency test

An essential part of mastering a foreign language is measuring your proficiency level. With many tests present on the market, learners would like to find the one which would be fast and at the same time would cover all aspects of language. Python can help in building web services and also provides ways to integrate with different ML technologies to assess user’s proficiency level.

business challenges

The task was to measure a person’s language proficiency level with a number, where the number is the highest item score the person is capable of answering correctly. This number should be reliable and correlated with TOEFL or CEFR scores. The product should be deployed on a Web-site capable of accepting a large number of concurrent users.

value delivered

We have managed to provide a fast and reliable Web service and clean and simple UI for language proficiency test which allows students to get their proficiency level within a few dozens of two-option questions. The results show a strong alignment between the test numbers and TOEFL scores.


We used Python, Django and MySQL on the backend side and AngularJS for UI. As an algorithm for computing the proficiency level we developed a Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) and mode estimation models for solving this online regression task.

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