achievement framework

Modern learning technologies require extending learning context with game design thinking in order to engage and encourage users to keep testing themselves. Creating badges or awards that learners can win for achieving things within the E-learning platform boosts competition and knowledge retention.

business challenges

Our partner had been fascinated by idea of language learning gamification for the products as game brings better learning experience, superior learning environment, instant feedback, competition to users.

We have been tasked to build a flexible and scalable achievement system for offering, presenting, building, sharing and managing rewards at a global scale and across multiple products.

value delivered

We’ve created an achievement system that is able to provide the best information in a compelling way to encourage people to enhance their knowledge and motivate our users to spend more time learning foreign languages.


We decided to use Django framework and customized its built-in admin interface to allow content managers to create complex application-specific goals for each achievement. Then the system would listen for application events and process them on the fly using the defined rules, giving instant feedback on user’s progress for each badge.

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