language learning game

The use of games can be a fantastic learning tool to advance in any language. In this approach, you’re winning in the game by learning more of your target language. Learning a new language can be really enjoyable when your approach to learning is geared towards having fun! Nowadays, we can learn languages through social media, movies and especially by playing games!

business challenges

Our task was to combine an entertaining game, a testing application and a learning application. The intent of the product is to provide a user with a measure of their knowledge of a particular language in a fast-paced, addicting, and competitive environment. Every user has their own proficiency level and a game should adapt to any type of user.

value delivered

We’ve created a flexible multi-language learning environment which allows people to play and compete with others and keep in touch with them while learning a new language. A game successfully pushes thousands of users to enhance their vocabularies and comprehension of the target language. It has a deep vocabulary hence strong longevity so users don’t become bored for a long time.


The core of our solution is a stateless Django-based application that handles all the user requests. To ensure responsiveness of our product under high loads we made sure that the system is able to scale horizontally (increasing the number of application instances) along with other traditional techniques: caching with edge-side includes, handling of time consuming operations to async workers, etc.

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