learning management system

In today’s world of evergrowing internet technologies, the E-Learning market is flourishing with new members constantly entering the scene. The essential part of E-Learning technologies will always be dedicated to language learning since it reveals new cognition abilities, broadens your mind, opens new possibilities and cultural contacts.

business challenges

Our task was to develop a highly customizable Learning Management System (LMS) which would allow our customers to develop and distribute high-quality language learning content for 100+ languages all over the globe. The customer had already some tools in place with a lot of customers using them, so part of the problem was to integrate those into our product without any adverse consequences to clients.

value delivered

We have managed to deliver LMS that satisfied all of our customer's needs including but not limited to: support for content in more than 100+ languages with several different localizations, a flexible management system to configure a lot of aspects of LMS for different purposes,a wide variety of subscription options for end users, a flexible learning path, an extensive authoring tool, etc.


We used micro-services architecture since it allowed us to easily add new capacity to the system and it fits rapid development with continuous delivery needs of our customer. As a base technology we chose Python because of the high speed of development, large community and huge number of well-supported 3rd party libraries.

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